Recreational and Educational Camping

For all ages!

Camping is a unique learning opportunity which provides unforgettable and very rewarding experiences. These experiences will provide lifelong memories for each of us and will also be conserved in a Surprise Photo Gift recorded over the course of all the activities by the recreational leaders and instructors, with photographs and video films.

During the camping or touring experience we seek to cover all areas and thus meet the needs of both children and teachers. To this end, prior to the group’s arrival at the compound, we carry out coordination sessions with each institution in order to establish activities and meal schedules.

When working with the children, we seek to include recreation and learning through play, to foster team work, problem solving, esprit de corps, equal opportunities, creativity, imagination, sports, etc.

Work Team: We have specialized and experienced personnel to coordinate and organize camping activities according to age and the needs of teachers and/or institutions.

Compound Facilities: Access to all of the facilities in the compound: swimming pools and playing fields or courts for soccer, tennis, volleyball, fronton, basketball. There is also a games room for adults and a smaller playroom for young children.


Based on circus workshops: acrobatics, juggling, handling fabrics, dancing, make-up, etc., to encourage team work, self-confidence, and the acquisition and development of skills and abilities. For all ages and with a specialized team. At the end of the first day, the team produces a Surprise Variety Circus Show, including very amusing clowns. On the following day, the children themselves are the protagonists and put on their own show.


The fantasy and magic which are present in all children, as well as in adults, take possession of the campsite. Amazing characters are in charge of welcoming visitors and of developing the theme of this camping experience. Challenges, matches and competitions are included. The first night concludes with a Big Evening Campfire, with a Great Treasure Hunt on the following day. Activities on the beach, in the swimming pools and in the forest. Get ready to become great explorers!


With the Olympic Games as the common theme, everything begins with the lighting of the Olympic torch, which leads to a number of different sports, fostering healthy and rewarding competition and great team work. Games involving accounts of Olympic feats in which athletes gave their all in order to achieve their objectives and reach their goals. We conclude this camping experience with a closing ceremony, awarding prizes and extinguishing the torch, but still holding high the flame of a life devoted to sports.

During these camping experiences it is possible to implement new ideas, such as trampoline jumping, giant balls and even a mini-golf course with ten fun challenges.

Schools and other institutions interested in these services can contact us by writing to this address: in order to receive full information regarding the planning and execution of everything related to our camping experiences.