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At the Discovery Resort Club we have highly qualified young staff that make up the Recreation and Sports team, with training to carry out activities for all ages, offering fun spaces for social integration and teaching for all.

Sport activities

Water sports, gym, trail walks, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, ping pong, family fishing, sports competitions, indoor and outdoor games.

Recreational activities

Art, adventure, bike rides, campfire, zip line, musical and plastic expression workshops for children, group games, board games, dance and other leisure activities.

Children's corner

We have designed a specific area for the little ones where they will find highly responsible equipment and personnel to serve babies from 0 to 3 years old, open all year.

Mini golf

Mini Golf

New and innovative 10-hole circuit of professional mini golf, unique in Uruguay!!! The circuit is distributed throughout the entire complex and offers a fun walk through all the Resort facilities.

Bola de playa en piscina

Children's Water Park

Our water park has an area specially designed for children. With slides, giant buckets and all the fun you can have in the water!

Fuego del campo en la noche

Recreational and educational camp

The camp is a unique instance of learning where unforgettable and enriching experiences are lived. These moments will be cherished for life in both us and the children. We also elaborate a Surprise Photo Gift which contains photos and videos of all the activities created by the groups counselors and teachers. 

Within the duration of the camp we seek to cover all areas and thus be able to satisfy the needs of both the children and the teaching group. For this, prior coordination of activities and meal times is carried out with each institution before entering the complex.

While working with children we seek to use techniques such as, teaching through play, promoting teamwork, problem solving, companionship, equal opportunities, creativity, imagination, sports, etc.
Team: We have specialized personnel with experience, ready to coordinate and organize the camp according to the ages and needs of the teachers and / or the institution.

Complex Facilities: Access to all the facilities El Descubrimiento Resort Club: swimming pools, sports fields, soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball. We also have a game room for adults and a game room for the little ones.
For camps we have the opportunity to implement new proposals such as giant balls of water and land, zip lines and mini golf.

Teaching centers or institutions interested in acquiring this service, can contact us through for everything related to the planning and execution of everything that includes the camp.


Zip line

We have designed a zip line suitable for the whole family and all ages. Safe and fun.
We invite the most intrepid to slide!


Giant Balls and Rolo

Guaranteed fun!
Giant inflatables for the pool, beach and courts, where children and adults can enjoy.

campo de césped

Sports fields

Practice your sport of preference in our exclusive facilities.